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Our Story


Zoo Pak Athletic Club, LLC, founder, Cody Curatolo (NASM CPT, USAT I, LAC, RBT), has spent his life developing his knowledge of sport and his perspective on what it means to be an athlete, and has appreciated the opportunity to develop his understanding of the sports by competing alongside athletes, coaches and officials in the NCAA, semi-professional, and international professional championships. The Zoo Pak team itself consists of specialties in team sport, personal fitness, and social services including:


Boxing, Basketball, Track & Field, Marathon, Ultra Marathon, Triathlon, Olympic weight Lifting, Calisthenics, Speed & Agility, Motorcycle Racing, Body Building, Nutrition, Behavior Modification, and Mental Health Care.

As a team, Zoo Pak Athletic Club seeks to promote athletic achievement through its comprehensive & multi-dimensional approach.

The ZPAC mission is to deliver a integrative and personalized approach for athletes to facilitate growth in the individual beyond sports. By drawing from a multi-dimensional teaching approach, ZPAC seeks to instill teamwork, sportsmanship, individual responsibility, self-motivation, pride, and above all, a love for sport. Our philosophy is that achievement is a bi-product of hard work. ZPAC encourages a systematic training approach backed by applied sports science that encourages a well-rounded development of skills. The end goal is a sense of fun and accomplishment from being part of something bigger than the individual. If you would like to start your journey towards self-improvement, then contact us today!

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