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The Zoo Pak

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Cody Curatolo

Founder/Manager, Motorcycle Racer, Triathlete, Marathoner, Boxer, Basketball Trainer, Coach (USAT, NASM), Licensed Counselor (MA, LAC, RBT), Cody founded Zoo Pak Athletic Club to encourage its athletes to be active members in the community by fostering good relations, and facilitating further interest in sport. As members of the Zoo Pak, our athletes see each fan as having the potential to become something greater than themselves. Cody encourages us all to try something different, get uncomfortable, and grow as an individual with the full support of our community behind you. "It only takes one moment to make lasting a change in someone's life." (If you would like to read more about Cody's Bio check out the Mission Statement section above).

Xavier Zayat

MotoAmerica Road Racing athlete, and one of the fastest supersport riders in the country, Xavier is once again seeking to arrive on the top step in this year's campaign. A student athlete, himself, Xavier participates in college courses as an Engineering major while training full time as a professional athlete. Xavier is currently seeking additional sponsors for the 2022 season. Contact us to learn to how donate or get involved!!


Justin Jones

MotoAmerica Road Racing Athlete, Justin Jones, represents the Zoo Pak mission as an ambassador of the sport in the paddock and off the track. While off the track and away from the office, Justin spends his time training as a poly-sport athlete riding dirt on his mountain bikes, performing acrobatics in the water atop his wakeboard, or competing in regional cycle races. Justin is currently seeking additional sponsors for his personal 2022 MotoAmerica campaign where he looks to stand on the box with the fastest racers in the country. Contact us to learn to how donate or get involved!!

Vito DiCarlo

For 2022, Vito DiCarlo joins the Zoo Pak as an aspiring MotoAmerica competitor. The raw talent displayed in his past national series has created quite a bit of interest in him as a professional prospect. As an athlete Vito utilizes his platforms to act as an avid supporter of various charities including Zoo Pak's partners at 401(c)3 non-profits, Be Beautiful Foundation and The Bike Experience USA. Vito is currently seeking sponsors for the 2022 season. Contact us to learn to how donate or get involved!!

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