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Zoo Pak Athletic Club

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About Us
A Team for All

Zoo Pak Athletic Club was founded with the goal of inspiring personal growth through athletic achievement. The Zoo Pak offers individualized personal training plans, individualized & team sports coaching, sports counseling with licensed sports counselors, and sports photographers to support our athletes capture every moment!!


Founder and lead personal trainer, Cody Curatolo (NASM CPT, USAT I, LAC, RBT), is a 5x Ironman, podium ultra-marathon runner, and accomplished athlete in a variety of sports including Motorcycle Road Racing, Boxing, Basketball, Football, and Track & Field, Triathlon with additional specializations in Olympic Weight Lifting and Speed & Agility. Cody enjoys working with all ages from first timers through professional athletes as a NASM CPT & USA I Triathlon coach, and utilizes his NJ Counseling License to support all Zoo Pak athletes cope with life stressors associated with sport.

Zoo Pak Athletic Club is a proud supporter of the all-inclusive sports mission by of Be Beautiful Foundation to promote athletic participation among athletes living with developmental disabilities.

Phone: (973) 975-7005

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  • Individualized Counseling services rendered online via tele-health ser...

    50 min

    100 US dollars
  • Recruit a certified personal trainer to help build a personalized plan...

    100 US dollars
  • Hire yourself a sports photographer to capture all your favorite momen...

    3 hr

    $100/Hour (3 Hr Min)

Be Beautiful Foundation

A Caring Community

Zoo Pak Athletic Club is a proud supporter of the Be Beautiful Foundation with a portion of all profits contributing to the mission!

Encouraging the world to Be Beautiful one person at a time. The Be Beautiful Foundation (BBF), a NJ 501(c)3 non-profit organization, promotes a healthy and active lifestyle to all members of our community with special consideration towards those individuals living with intellectual & developmental disability (IDD). BBF offers mental health & behavior services via online tele-health by our state licensed counseling professionals, and personal training services through our certified personal trainers. Consistent with our mission, BBF promotes an active lifestyle among those living with IDD by creating reduced  cost, or no fee for service, and/or financial assistance opportunities for qualifying individuals seeking to engage in public sporting events

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