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FINAL CALL for 2023 Zoo Pak Supported Athletes applications

New Year, Fresh Start

FINAL CALL for 2023 Zoo Pak Supported Athletes applications. DUE 1/15/2023 1 Alpha slot & 2 Pak slots remaining REMINDER 30% of all Zoo Pak Training Plans, Zoo Pak Photos, and Be Beautiful Counseling sales contribute to the @bebeautifulfoundation to support athletes living with developmental disabilities #BeBeautiful < >

Want to be represent the Zoo Pak as an ALPHA? Tell us about your 2023 goals and what makes you the best fit to represent the team that is all about personal growth!!

3 Levels of Access

ALPHA Support

  • Free Swag

  • Free Fitness Program

  • Free Media courtesy of Zoo Pak Photos at all events present

  • Free Poster Design

  • Free 24/7 Access Licensed Sports Counseling ($100/hr value)

  • * Free Access to Nutritional Counseling (*where applicable)

  • Access to Fitness/Racing Discounts with all Zoo Pak Affiliates

  • Free access to Zoo News Newsletter

PAK Access

  • Free Fitness Consultation

  • $50/month Tailored Fitness Programming

  • 50% off Zoo Pak Photos Products

  • Free 24/7 Access Licensed Sports Counseling ($100/hr value)

  • Access to all the fitness/racing discounts you need to succeed!!

  • Free access to Zoo News Newsletter

Join the Zoo

  • Free Fitness Consultation

  • $100/month Tailored Fitness Programing (Motor Sports, Team Sports, Speed & Agility, and more!)

  • $100/Hr Clinical/ Behavior Counseling (Mention the per session Be Beautiful Foundation to receive $20 off per session courtesy of BBF)

  • Sports Photography (pricing available at

  • Private Photo Booking $100/Hour (2 Hour Minimum + $50 non-refundable retainer)

  • Free access to Zoo News Newsletter

Visit Us Visit us at and don’t forget to join the mailing list for all things Zoo Pak including Zoo Pak Athletic Club, Zoo Pak Photos, and the Be Beautiful Foundation.

(Above) Emilie's (second from right) first successful 5k finish with team Be Beautiful completed with her father

Why Join the Zoo!? WE ARE ONE OF YOU! The Zoo Pak Athletic Club & Be Beautiful Foundation teams are made of members from your very own communities. We have spent time talking, working, and competing with you for years, and are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive program to facilitate your personal growth!! As an added bonus, did we mention that 30% of all Zoo Pak profits will contribute to the Be Beautiful Foundation, which promotes achievement in individuals living with developmental disabilities through participation in athletic events and through the delivery of clinical health services.

Want to Join the Pak? Leave the formalities at home. If you want to begin your journey towards personal growth as the newest Pak member, then email us at, and tell us how you strive to #BeBeautiful in the new year! In 2023, we have expanded our support program from 3 athletes to 4. With 1 Alpha slot and 2 Pak slots remaining, don’t miss your chance to join one of the most fulfilling teams on the east coast at a discounted rate. We can guarantee you will not find a more quality & comprehensive program at this price. This is how we give back!!

Founder Cody Curatolo is the Manager and lead fitness trainer at Zoo Pak Athletic Club (ZPAC), lead photographer & editor at Zoo Pak Photos (ZPP), President of the Be Beautiful Foundation (BBF), and licensed counselor of Be Beautiful Counseling. Simply put, “Unfortunately there aren’t many people with my experiences and credentials in sports, fitness, professional counseling, photography, and administration. I was fortunate to see the need for a new kind of program that leads to personal growth and achievement without any gimmicks, and was able to find the partners to make my vision a reality. Within the next year I expect to see the [BBF] carry the same level of positive feedback as [ZPAC] by helping all of our team SURPASS WHAT THEY THOUGHT WAS POSSIBLE.” –Cody Curatolo Cody’s credentials include Nikon’s Professional Services membership, NASM certifications in personal training, USAT Level 1 certifications in triathlon coaching, NJ License in Counseling by the State Board of Marriage & Family Therapy, Certifications in Behavioral Therapy by the BACB, publications in scientific journals for research in neuro-ethology, Traumatic Brain Injury, Mood Disorder, Mindfulness, Autism, and HIV/AIDS, with professional experiences in Professional Sports Counseling, and counseling clinical populations with Substance Use Disorder, PTSD, MST, DDD, AST, and TBI in geriatric, adolescent, adult, and homeless veteran populations. In addition to ZPAC/BBF, Cody is the Veteran’s Housing Director for Community Hope for Veteran’s whose mission it is to alleviate homelessness in veteran populations. “If me, or my team, cannot service your fitness or [mental health or counseling] needs, then I can guarantee we have friends who can.” –Cody Curatolo As an athlete, Cody has a lifetime’s experience including NCAA, semi-professional, and professional experiences in refereeing, coaching and competing in team sports, boxing, track & field, Olympic weight lifting, motorcycle racing, ultra-marathon, and long-distance triathlon. As a coach, “I would never ask anything of my athletes that I couldn’t do. I will NEVER SELL THE DREAM, and if you don’t get better with me then you didn’t put in the effort. Period.” –Cody Curatolo At Zoo Pak, the goal is personal growth, not success. Success is merely a bi-product of the individual work put in by each of our members. As a team, we grow together and encourage everybody around us to put their best foot forward. And, when [they] "can’t" we look to our ALPHAs to lead the way.

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In Memory Of Ed “Ralphie” Sanford 5.22.90 – 12.25.22 A Loving Huband, Father & Friend

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